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TIMELESS TRUTH Aqua Hydra Soothing Moisturising

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Timeless Truth offers a unique experience of relaxation to moisturize, regenerate and revitalize your skin. Only using the finest mask sheets with premium ingredients, Timeless Truth provides your skin the supreme facial masks that are simply beyond compare yet at attractive price. It is our commitment to pursue the highest quality facial sheet masks. Our goal is to help hydrate your skin, prevent wrinkles, and smooth fine lines with our wide selection of masks. We partner with various world-r
提提研 HISTORY Timeless Truth Mask started off with cosmetics related international trades in the 1990s. In 1998, our core business operation shifted to Taiwan, with the intent to specialize in developing facial sheet masks. Since then, Timeless Truth Mask has been an active player in the skincare industry globally, especially in Europe and the Asia Pacific region
OUR PARTNERS Our product can be found in more than 25 different countries all over the world. To highlight a few: Four Seasons Hotel - Canada, East Africa, Turkey, Russia, U.A.E., Windsor Arms Hotel - Toronto, Canada, Elmwood Spa - Toronto,Canada, Le Bon Marché - Paris France,Paris 8 - Luxembourg, Manor - Switzerland, Parashop - France, Colourmix - Hong Kong, Macau, Guardian - Singapore, Ionto-Comed - Germany, DM - Slovakia, Sasa - Taiwan.
Added seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid and our patented hydra complex, leave your skin feeling plumped and hydrated for the day in just 15 minutes.
The one and only ultra-long fiber made from cotton linter in the world No added fragrance or alcohol No added MI or Paraben, our masks use safer ways of preservation that meet standards of the European union Our formulas contain our dual ingredient soothing complex that was designed for sensitive skins